Taghazout is a village about 01x01 km located in the south of Morocco, not very far from the Agadir Airport. It is beetwen Agadir and Essaouira . It is populated by diverse people, amongst them local Berbers.  Here you will find our services valuable and advised. it's important if you want to travel and explore morocco

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Located south of Morocco, at the end of the High Atlas, near the Souss valley, Taghazout is located 18 km north of Agadir, between the Atlantic Ocean and the argan forest, protected to the north by Cape Ghir.

Taghazout coast enjoys a climate that bathes the coast of a gentle sun almost throughout the year. Precipitation can reach 400mm per year or more on the mountains showers are usually short but sometimes violent.
The mild climate is largely due to the ocean, and the protection of the mountains and the argan forest. The daytime temperature does not drop much below 22 ° C in winter and the water is maintained at around 18 ° C. But summer temperatures can rise to 40 ° C, and sometimes bring sandstorms. But it does not last more than three days. In general, the heat night falls, moderated by the ocean.

Taghazout has remained throughout history a major battle between the Amazigh tribes behind countries and foreign powers. In the sixteenth century, not Mhend Idir gathered around him the tribes, took control of the entire coast north of Taghazout, driving the Portuguese. Those who died were buried on the rock of the Devil. Thus we call Imouran or dying. But in the early nineteenth century, the Spaniards were not slow to resume "Timzguida Allal" called the trap, are building factories, houses and a new fishing port and trade. [Ref. needed] Today, it remains in ruins known as the ruins of the trap. In the 1960s and 1970s saw the arrival Taghazout generations of hippies, which have since been replaced by young Moroccans and surfers.

The common
The common of Taghazout was created in 1992. Its area is 110 km ². The population is about 5275 people (1994 census). The number of districts is 11. The seat of the county's rural Taghazout is located at the center of said town on the National Highway 1 between Agadir to Casablanca. Utilities of the town is a district administration, a dispensary, a call centre, school districts with traditional teaching two schools, a royal gendarmerie, and a Post office Morocco.

Cultural activity
The town of Taghazout includes more than 15 cultural, sports, agriculture, and drinking water associations, development and cooperation, cooperative, Cooperative Titrit for the production of argan oil, and a cooperative sea   fishing.

Economic resources:
Residents in general practice Taghazout fishing, agriculture, livestock, trade and handicraft production of argan oil. Tourism remains one of the most important sources. Several companies exist in the town, car hire, surf shop, surf school, house of argan and massages, jet ski rental, and recently have opened small shops and rentals.

Taghazout a preferred destination for those seeking sun and beach. Dozens of beaches to the north and south. Clean and sunny which gives the beauty of the coast north of Agadir ocean. Allowing these beaches among the most popular beaches at the national level.

Behind the hills and hiding argan forest Tasgaoudrar also called Taghazout Oufella or "Berber country," as the hippies. Tasgaoudrar means: behind the hills, this is a collection of more than 47 small villages douars Amazigh separate and apart from each other and connected by a road snaked called "Agharas waourgua." Some with a beautiful view of the ocean and other douars. Very quiet place that attracts many investors especially after the launch of the project Taghazout resort which is part of Plan Azur
Welcome to Taghazout Morocco
« Just eighteen kilometres north of Agadir, nestled in between the rolling countryside and the sea, lies the small Berber fishing village of Taghazout.
Pronounced "Ta-ra-zoot", the former hippie haven, turned surfing destination, proudly maintains its quaint village atmosphere.
With blue skies and sunshine overhead, and fresh fish caught by local fisherman everyday, Taghazout is the ideal place to kick back and relax, and enjoy the vibrancy, warmth and charm of a true Berber community. »                                       Mustangshally 2002